Attracting Potential Customers At A Trade Show Event

When a company owner wishes to expand their customer market, they may decide to enroll their business in showing off their wares and services at a trade show event. This is a great way to get potential clients to learn more about the business, perhaps allowing the business to expand their customer base as a result. Here are a few tips a business owner can use to ensure their trade show booth is enticing to those who attend this type of event.

Use Signs To Entice Potential Customers To Come Closer

It is a good idea to place several banners and signs in front of the trade show booth so those attending the event will be more inclined to stop inside to see what is being offered. Make sure to use bright colors and dark, bold text on the signs so they can be seen from a distance. Lights can be hung around the booth to make it noticeable to those walking past as well. Make sure to hang signs in areas where they are not obstructions to those visiting the booth.


Give Away Promotional Items To Potential Customers As Gifts

Those attending the event will be sure to enjoy receiving a free item for stopping by the business’ booth. Promotional Caps, Embroidered hats, and shirts are items that the people can wear time and time again, making them desired items to receive. Pens, calendars, key chains, or lanyards are also great promotional items as they are useful. Make sure to print the business information on each item so customers will remember which booth they had received it from after they leave the event. This will entice them to make an order or stop by the business establishment to purchase something in the future.

Host A Contest Or Give Away Prizes To Those Who Stop By The Booth

Consider holding a contest for potential customer. They can fill out a form with their personal information and the business can select one form to be the grand winner. Give away a large prize to this person. This is a great way to obtain addresses and phone numbers to use as a means of advertising when sales are held. Prizes can be given out to those who answer a questionnaire correctly as well. Promotional caps or other embroidered items can be used for the prizes, as the information provided on them may draw the winners back to the business to make a purchase. Click here to find out more about promotional items to give away at a trade show booth.